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Residential gas

Usage of Propane at Homes

Residential homeowners use propane primarily as a heating source, but there are many other uses, including water heating, pool, spa heating, clothes drying, cooking, outdoor lighting, power for generators, and more. Safe, clean-burning propane gas is convenient for your home, business, or farm. Propane’s versatility and transportability make it an ideal fuel source for homes.

Advantages of Propane

Advantages of Propane

Propane-powered appliances give homeowners great value and comfort compared with other energy sources while reducing the overall cost. Propane is safe. It is a nontoxic, nonpoisonous fuel that doesn’t contaminate groundwater or soil.

Propane tanks can safely be buried underground at home sites in areas not accessible to natural gas. It can easily fuel any high-performance amenities that today’s homeowners demand while reducing energy costs and emissions compared with heating oil or electric appliances.

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